We facilitate sales for import and export, work with qualified quality manufactures and suppliers.

We research custom suppliers worldwide for client's specific needs. Honesty, integrity and trust are values important to us.

About Us

Strive to provide services offered in sales for import and export on aerospace craft and equipment, heavy industry equipment for infrastructure construction, electrical power generation plant equipment, Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Co-Generation, Nuclear clean processed fuels: hydrogen, methane, ethane, syngas, methanol extracts from coal in Co-Gen Nuclear power plants. Smart road maintenance parts. Represent manufactures of precast concrete forms and metal forged sidewalk and city intersection modular design and construction.
Represent makers of Modular Composite Material multi story housing units. Research in Aerospace Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engine for Solar System transport and Extra-Terrestrial land based nuclear power plant NPP for human habitat and mining operations. Exoskeleton factory Assembly line worker aids. Aircraft Airliner sectional parachute fuselage safety system. Special Maglev railroad for cargo, building the Trans Bering Strait tunnel Railway, and electric ship power.
Floating mobile nuclear and non-nuclear electrical power plants.

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to provide satisfaction. We work with qualified quality manufactures and suppliers we research custom suppliers worldwide for client’s specific needs. Honesty, Integrity and Trust are values paramount to us. We arrange for transparent and simple government Customs requirements. Plan finance with banking institutions under International laws to facilitate rapid minimal risk secure payment systems.

VISION: Our vision is to strive toward excellence and fairness in trading and respect for client's desires and privacy to obtain the best value for services.

Politics and Trade

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Here at Alder Import Export Sales, we offer a variety of products from all over the Pacific Rim.
We assist in the arts and culture assisting in carved Totem Poles for residential and commercial buildings in coastal Salish design.
We provided a brief assessment and information as it applies to trade and commerce on each country.
We subscribe to Open Democracy, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, markets and government
can work together for fair free trade as in the "Pacificist Code of Conduct" in the Pacific Rim of Nations.







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Products and Payment Systems used

Our insured products come with warranty and clean guarantee. We maintain and update all our equipment to the latest manufacture’s recommended use guidelines. Payments schedules are based on mutually beneficial contractual arrangements.
Bank payment can include; Cash advance, Bank Draft, Confirmed letter of Credit, Documentary Collections, Open Account.
Future payment system may include Crypto Currency Distributed Ledger, Swirls and the Hedera Hashgraph System.

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